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Welcome to kanamaluka Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Acknowledgment of Country

Welcome to kanamaluka Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre! We acknowledge and pay respect to the Tasmanian Aboriginal people as the traditional and original owners, and continuing custodians of the land on which we live. We acknowledge elders – past and present and emerging.

We pay special thanks to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (TAC) for allowing us to use palawa kani, the language of Tasmanian aboriginal people, as a part of our centre’s name.

As we are located along the beautiful Tamar River, It seemed only fitting to choose “kanamaluka”, palawa kani for “River Tamar”, as our namesake. The written form of palawa kani does not use upper case letters, hence, the beginning our name being lowercase.

Like Tasmania’s aboriginal people, Tasmania’s native wildlife deserve the highest respect and appreciation as the original inhabitants of this land.

About us

Kanamaluka Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is a family and volunteer run organisation.

We are an ACNC certified not-for-profit charity and run solely on the small personal incomes from our founders along with donated funds. We do not receive any income or funding from our state government or from outside sources. 

We are located in the Tamar Valley in Tasmania's north, where we have the highest rate of roadkill in the world, and where there is also currently a major wildlife carer deficit. We exist to fill a giant gap in wildlife care and rehabilitation in the north of Tasmania and we work closely with government departments, vets and other wildlife carers and rescuers in our local area.

Our facility is run by government registered, trained and experienced wildlife professionals.

the services we offer include


  • Organised drop off and transfer for injured and orphaned wildlife

  • 24/7 joey drop off for public

  • Assessments and stabilisation of wildlife before transport to vets or other carers.  

  • Necessary ethical and humane euthanasia of suffering wildlife

  • Specialty emergency care, hydration and stabilisation of seabirds and waders.



On site we house, feed and tend to many orphans of different species and stages of development, taking care of their every need, often feeding around the clock until their eventual release. This is a process that takes months of hard work, resources and dedication for each individual animal.

Our center aims to give Tasmania’s injured and orphaned wildlife their second chance, eventually allowing them fulfil their potential as wild independent beings who will in turn contribute to the biodiversity and ecology of this beautiful land.


Please consider sharing our website, facebook page and instagram feed. If you would like to make a monetary donation, click here.

All donations go directly to the wildlife we care for and contribute toward essentials such as food/milk, enclosures and enclosure maintenance, cleaning products, petrol, and emergency care goods and veterinary bills. Some donations also go towards our education programs and minimal admin costs.

We’re incredibly appreciative of every donation, no matter how small.


Many thanks from Jess, Duncan, and our extended and large wildlife family x

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