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24/7 Joey Drop Off 

We now offer around the clock Joey drop off at our centre in Pipers River, Tasmania. 

The sooner an orphaned joey is handed to someone who is trained in their care, the better chance a it has of survival. 


If you have found an orphaned joey, please text or call us prior to drop off to receive our address on:

0402 769 838

What do I do If I find an orphaned joey?

When you find an orphaned joey, there's a few important steps to take while you organise help.

Follow the link below for our easy guide on how to check a pouch and safely remove a joey:


What if I can't Remove it From the Pouch?

That's okay! You're welcome to bring us the deceased mother, containing the live joey.

We can remove the joey here at the centre.

If you don't have access to transport, or live too far away to transport the joey to us, call Bonorong Wildlife Rescue Service, who will organise a rescuer to collect the joey from your location.

Bonorong: 0447 264 626

Phone or text kanamaluka Wildlife Centre: 0402 769 838
What happens to the joey after I drop it off?

We'll assess the joey and provide any emergency care needed.

Sometimes we will schedule a veterinary review of the joey, depending on presentation.

If the joey is healthy, it will either stay here at the centre for for care and eventual release, or be passed on to another qualified carer in the area.

Sometimes joeys are too small to raise, or have injuries that they can't recover from, but we do our best with every joey that comes in.

We understand that finding orphaned wildlife can be an emotional experience and you may want to check in and see how the joey is going. You're definitely welcome to call or text us for an update. Please understand that we're extremely busy, and may not get back to you straight away.

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