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Providing quality education experiences is a core value here at kanamaluka Wildlife. We want future generations to continue building stewardship for Tasmania's unique wildlife and ecology (ie. We hope they'll be as passionate as we are!).


Students will explore wildlife rehabilitation and nature conservation through hands-on learning experiences within an ethical framework. And with just the right amount of quirky, humorous adventure, our programs and resources will appeal to a wide range of students.  

We're currently collaborating with Danielle Carey, an education consultant and business owner of Wild Ground Creative Adventures. Danielle will work with kanamaluka Wildlife to create a series of curriculum-aligned, experiential and inquiry-based, Wildlife and Nature Conservation Education programs and resources for primary school students across Tasmania.

The Wildlife Agency! A digital story-telling adventure


The Wildlife Agency is an online storytelling investigation open to all Tasmanian primary schools. Held over a two-week period each year, the curriculum-aligned, adventure game involves students investigating wildlife and nature conservation mysteries, while following the lives of two quirky characters, Jodi, the Wildlife Rehabilitator and her trusty side-kick, Warrah, the Wombat puppet. 


Teachers will be sent literacy-rich resource packs for students to engage in hands-on learning about wildlife and nature conservation while they investigate the daily clues Jodi and Warrah send to their classrooms via video during the two-week period..

This project is a collaboration between kanamaluka Wildlife and Wild Ground Creative Adventures. We're currently in the development phase of this project and seeking support and funding, please contact kanamaluka Wildlife if you're keen to be involved. 

Junior Volunteer Program


Junior volunteers will learn the basics of wildlife rehabilitation and will get a hands on and realistic experience. Contact us to find out more

*Limited places

Learning Through Interest Program


We're very excited to be involved in Launceston Big Picture School's Learning Through Interest program!

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